In 2010 the organization system of Geppetti’s photographic archive has radically changed. After a prolific collaboration with the French gallerist Nicolas Mazet (Director of the Hotel de Gallifet – Art Center), a brand new order finalized to the enhancement of the archive was set.

According to the French model, a selected number of photos was chosen for a limited run of 7 copies. Some limited run printings of this selection – the most famous and popular shots of Geppetti – are still available on the market and sold in dolceVita GALLERY.

Another series with a more convectional limited run – with a larger number of copies available – has followed the previous.

A third typology of printing, carefully selected, represents the Gallery’s intention to make accessible to a wider public the purchase of Author photography, completed by a certificate of authenticity. The price range varies from ten to a thousand euros. This selection is called “Invitation to collecting”.

 All the prints on photographic paper and Fine art are involved in the limited run logic. Every print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, with the number of the run edition and the information about the subject of the photo.

The “furniture” printings – realized on plastic materials – are not involved in limited run editions. These printing techniques go beyond the collecting market, but still pay attention to quality. Some examples of decorative prints are poster, poliplat, forex, canvas.

On request, it is possible to realized little variations on colors and shapes on the occasion of special events and productions.

Every year the list of the available photos on sell is updated and increased.