The Gallery


The dolceVita GALLERY is in Rome, in Via Palermo, 41, close to via Nazionale. It’s a unique place, inspired by the spirit of the Dolce Vita and the Sixties.

The space is about 200 square metres and is composed by three halls. The first one, completely white, houses a permanent exhibition of the Marcello Geppetti’s masterpieces, that represent the scoops and the main characters of that period: Sophia Loren, Vittorio De Sica, Monica Vitti, Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot… A space for visitors and big collectors, where the aesthetics of his work reaches the peak.

The second hall, completely black, is a “call for collecting”; the author photos, divided into different categories and limited run printings, are sold according to different price ranges. The visitors can choose the pictures they prefer among a big selection and by consulting the touch-screen monitor for a multimedia path in the archive. More than the frames printings, it’s possible to buy posters, catalogues, postcards and other kinds of merchandising linked to the Gallery.

The third hall is for events. You can reach this room – furnished with a piano and a Full HD projector – walking through an open yard. It’s a cozy and quiet space, where it’s possible visiting an exhibition or sitting at the tables to attend book signings, documentaries or special evenings. The space can also be booked for personal exhibitions, workshops or company meetings.

Among the provided services there are catering, guided tours and live music.