Fotografia d'autore

Marcello Geppetti

Marcello Geppetti (Rieti 1933 – Rome 1998). After he had worked for some agencies, he decided to work as a freelancer. During the years of the “Dolce Vita”, Geppetti realized the importance of the phenomenon and he became one of the most famous “paparazzi”. In those years he took pictures that became famous all over the world. Without a doubt the most famous picture is the one that shows the kiss between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in Ischia, that makes public the most discussed relationship in the history of cinema. In 1959, when he took the pictures of the fire at Hotel Ambasciatori in Rome, he realized that every photographer has the right to be considered a photojournalist. He fought together with his colleagues for years and he became one of the founders of the Italian society of Reporter Fotografi (AIRF). His photographic activity continued in every sector of the photojournalism. He took emblematic and important pictures of the so-called  “anni di piombo” (Seventies). The New York Times and the Newsweek compared him to Henri Cartier-Bresson and Weegee. David Schonauer, editor of American Photo, described him as “the most underrated photographer of the history”.